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May 012013

Today I thought I would talk about masquerade parties and share some masquerade party tips to help you plan a magical masquerade ball. Let me first say that I love a good masquerade party. There is no better excuse to dress up and have fun. And now you can get away with having them anytime of the year. I am also going to share with you what we did last October for our masquerade party.

Most people find it helpful to start with a party theme. If you prefer a formal masquerade ball try themes like Medieval, SteamPunk, Fairy tale, Venetian, Roaring 20’s or Gothic. For our party it was so close to Halloween (Oct 20th) that we decided to let everyone choose their own costumes. If you do this just remember that the costumes will be up to your guests. At our party we had very elegantly dressed couples and also some of your everyday Halloween type outfits.

You can also pick a color to build a theme around like silver or gold for a holiday party, black and white for a prom masquerade or purple for sweet sixteen parties. The possibilities are endless.

Masquerade Party Tips Banner

Masquerade Party Decorations & Lighting

Decorations and lighting are a huge part of what will set the theme and feel of your party. Low lighting is perfect for a masquerade as are Christmas white lights. If you’re in a location where you can use candles, they will add a feeling of mystery and beauty. Be careful to place candles where they won’t be a problem for guests with costumes and masks.

Sheer, velvet and silky fabrics can be used around the room to add a special touch. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on fabric. Check your local thrift stores and look for curtains that can be used for mere pennies. You can also watch for sales at craft and fabric stores and get steals on fabric with a 50% off coupon.

Mirrors placed on tables under centerpieces add a reflective touch. Adding streamers, ribbons or balloons from the ceiling will transform any room without breaking the bank. Look online for bulk masquerade masks to place around your room, use as centerpieces or give away as party favors for your guests.

For our masquerade party decorations we used candles, ravens, potion bottles, masks, black sheer material, pumpkins and fall leaves to set the stage. I saved old bottles, made custom labels and then filled them with alcohol for a spooky Halloween table that guests would see as they walked in the front door.

Halloween bottle labels

Our Masquerade Party Table
If you like the Halloween Bottle Labels you can customize and buy them by clicking on any of the labels below
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Vintage Vampire Blood Halloween Bottle Stickers
Vintage Goblin Juice Halloween Bottle Stickers
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Vintage Devil's Brew Halloween Bottle Stickers
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Vintage Spider Cider Halloween Bottle Stickers
Purple Bat Tonic Halloween Bottle Stickers
Vintage Dragons Breathe Halloween Bottle Stickers
Vintage Toe of Frog Halloween Bottle Stickers

Halloween Bottle Labels are available in a variety of colors & styles. To see more Click Here

Halloween bottle label decorations

I’ve also found these great links for Party Decorations. Just click on a picture if you would like to purchase.

Masquerade Party Invitations

A good hostess will send out party invitations at least six to eight weeks before the event giving guests plenty of time to RSVP. Be sure to include the theme of your masquerade party so guests know what to wear to your event. If you are having a huge formal masquerade ball you can send out invitations even sooner so guests have time to put their costumes together.

For the DIY crafty person, homemade masquerade invitations are the bomb. Make them by cutting paper in the shape of an eye mask and decorating with rhinestones, glitter & feathers.

Want to raise money for charity? A masquerade ball can’t be beat. Be sure to add this information on invitations or flyers.

If you don’t want to make invitations I’ve included some great links to custom masquerade party invitations that you can change the text on to fit your needs and these designers will also be happy to help should you need something even more custom for your masquerade event. Click on any invite to purchase

Teal Mask Masquerade Ball Halloween Invitation
Elegant Black & Gold Masquerade Party Invitation
Elegant Gold Masquerade Ball Party Event Flyer
Chic Vintage Lime Masquerade Invitations
Masquerade Pink Jeweled Sweet 16 Invitation
Black Lace Mask Jeweled Masquerade Ball Invitation
Masquerade Party Celebration Fancy Gold Invitation
Halloween Black Mask Damask Gold Ribbon Invitation
Burgundy Gold Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball Invite

Guest List & Location for a Masquerade Party

When your making your guest list always add a count of two for every single friend you invite because most of them will bring someone with them. A large house will usually hold 50 guests comfortably. If your list is larger than 50 you may want to consider renting a location for your masquerade party.

Wedding reception venues in your area are a great way to find a beautiful location. You can also check local clubhouses, churches and lodges. Keep your masquerade theme in mind when renting a location and remember to book your venue early. Some locations can book up to a year in advance so start looking early to get the best venue.

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Music & Entertainment for a Masquerade Party

A masquerade party really needs music. This can be as fancy as a string quartet or piano player for a more formal affair to a dj. You can even play pre recorded music just keep in mind the kind of experience you want your guests to have when choosing the music.

If you want your party to be a smashing success bring in some form of entertainment. This also helps to take some stress off the host or hostess and gives the guests something they will be talking about for months to come. Entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive, check with your local artists & musicians or talented family & friends. Our masquerade party had jazz singers, a fire dancer, belly dancers, and sword reenactments all provided by friends. Check out the images of some of our fantastic entertainers we had for our masquerade party.

Fire BellyDancer: Peppy LaRue Musician: Jana Burdick of “Spontaneous Color” BellyDance Troupe: “The Tribe” of Loveland
Bellydancers at the masquerade

Masquerade Masks & How To Video

Click on images to visit mask products

Insanely Simple “How To Make Your Own Jeweled Masquerade Mask” Video

Food & Drinks for a Masquerade Party

If your having a midnight unveiling where everyone removes their masks at once make sure to have straws available for drinks and serve bite size appetizers to make it easier for guests to leave their masks on. For our party we made sure to have a meat and cheese platter, vegetables with dip and asked each guest to bring their favorite dish of finger food. We had an abundance of food and stayed on budget.

Some good food ideas are meat and cheese platters, fruit platters, chips/dip and a selections of desserts.

Masquerade Costumes

Part of the fun of a masquerade is dressing up. If you have a theme for your masquerade ball, guests will dress for your theme. If you’re having a more casual affair think fancy gowns for women and suits for men.

Women’s Masquerade Costumes
Click on images to be taken to products


Men’s Masquerade Costumes
Click on images to visit products


Party Favors for a Masquerade Party

Don’t forget to Thank your guests for coming to your party with a wonderful gift. This can be a mask they design their selves as they come into the party or beads, keychains etc. We gave our guests mini bottles of wine with our masquerade wine labels attached. Use your imagination and give them something to remember your party by. Here are some great party favors.

Masquerade Bottle Labels

Wine bottles with our masquerade labels.

Masquerade Ball Mardi Gras Wedding Envelope Seal Square Stickers

Wishing you a Magical Masquerade!

Ken & Faith Gauthier
Ken & Faith masquerade

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