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Ken and Faith Gauthier

About The Artists:

Ken & Faith Gauthier started shooting archery and fencing together. They both shared a love of art, history, swords & how to take out zombies. Before they knew what happened they were hit in a sneak attack by cupid’s arrow. They have recently moved to Colorado to be closer to family and raise their son Kencaid. TheInspiredEdge, and their Etsy store TheInspiredEdge, TheHolidayEdge,TheEdgeWeddings & RoyalRegencyCollection stores gives them the chance to put all the artwork, photography and designs done over the years available to the public.

Ken Gauthier artist loveland studio tour

Ken Gauthier

A lover and practitioner of all artistic mediums from singing and songwriting to poetry and painting. Ken was raised on the road by professional musicians. Coming from an artistic musical family it was only natural that Ken would be an artist from infancy. A life of travel has contributed greatly to his artistic style and influences. Considered something of a prodigy ken started selling his art throughout the country from the early age of nine. Having completed courses in drawing, painting and commercial art from the great northwest all the way to New England. He has studied everything from pen and ink rendering to classical glaze oil painting. The modern definition of the Renaissance man. Ken maintains a lifelong interest in world history, classical literature and martial arts from all cultures and periods. An adventurous heart and soul is reflected in a boundless array of creative outlets.

More about Ken as reported by Kenneth Jessen of the Loveland Reporter-Herald

Moonlight Gypsy
"Gypsy Moonlight" is one of many fine art pieces by Loveland artist Ken Gauthier.
Ken Gauthier, and his wife Faith, picked Loveland for its art community and they have been quickly absorbed. They volunteered for this year’s Loveland Art Studio Tour earlier this month with invitation designs and cooking for the Gala Event for the artists.

Ken Gauthier was raised by professional musicians and spent the early part of his life on the road. His journey as an artist started when his grandmother gave him an old-fashioned slate and some chalk. Gauthier became completely absorbed such that he could write by the age of 3.

He learned that pictures could tell a story, and at age 7, graduated to big pieces of paper. He would fill every square inch with his art.

He sold his first commercial piece at the age of 9 — a logo. At 11, he sold his work at a booth in a flea market in Northern California.

Gauthier gained some notoriety at the age of 12 when he was interviewed by an Oregon newspaper. At the time, he was in business designing business cards, logos and painting windows.

Guarding Heavens Gate

Since then, he has always been self-employed doing graphic design and his own brand of art. He has enhanced his work with classes in pen and ink, portraits and classical oil painting.

Gauthier starts a piece with intentions of creating something representational, but as the work progresses, he inevitably adds other elements. In the case of a portrait, he wants to get to know his subject first — their likes and dislikes. A portrait may start out in a traditional way, but again, Gauthier will begin to incorporate designs that reveal more than just a likeness — it will tell a story.

Gauthier and his wife Faith run an extensive website that uses his talent as an artist and her business sense and photography. It includes a myriad of items such as T-shirts, bags, custom designed invitations, clocks, albums, graduation necklaces, business cards, coffee cups and much more. See TheInspiredEdge.com.

Ken’s work is on display at Lola’s Fresh Patina and at Rabbask Designs

Celtic Cross

Faith Gauthier

Faith is a woman who is not defined by the times. An avid archer and an aspiring fencer. Raised in a small town in Utah her interests spread from drawing, painting and airbrushing to writing, poetry and photography. Faith created Reflections Photography and produced a dramatic portfolio that includes wedding, portraits, fashion, entertainment and commercial stock images. A member of WPPI and PPA she received a degree in commercial photography from CCSN and studied under some of the greatest names in photography at International seminars. Faith has been involved with her local art communities and has had the honor of producing the cover images for Las Vegas premier bridal magazines the “Wedding Extravaganza.” The soul of photography is in capturing the essence of life and presenting it from a new angle. This is Faith’s passion.

Ken & Faith Gauthier are now proud members of The Indie Exhibit Group. They have recently had their work given to celebrities in swag bags at The Sundance Film Festival. Their products were a huge hit on the set of True Blood and the MTV Music Awards. Follow them on Facebook for all the exciting upcoming fun & celebrity news!

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