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Apr 132013

Wedding Flowers & Decorations costs

Insanely Simple Wedding Flower Tips

Yes you are a Princess! No you don’t have to spend like one to have beautiful wedding flowers on your wedding day. Take these insanely simple wedding flower tips and put them into action to save.

1. DIY: The biggest money saver

Don’t be afraid to take this on just recruit help to put together your own flowers for the big day.
Buy your flowers at a local flower mart or at local shopping stores like Costco.
Have a dry run before the big day you plan on putting them all together.
Put together all your flowers the day before the wedding (except for boutonnieres they need to be done the day of the wedding)
Remember to have all the necessary supplies: Floral tape, floral scissors, floral foam and pins.
Store flowers in a fridge or cool basement

2. Choose flowers in season

When you pick out of season flowers your cost will be much more than seasonal flowers. Also stay away from rare flowers to save even more.

3. Consider silk flowers

Silk flowers can be beautiful and will last way past the day of your wedding and as a added bonus you don’t have to worry about them wilting.

4. Go smaller

If you decide to go with a florist think about going smaller on your arrangements. A cascading bouquet will cost a lot more than a simple smaller one. Also consider who really needs flowers at your wedding. Cut down on centerpieces and floral arrangements but substituting candles, photo’s and lights.

5. Be unique

Some of the best bouquets I’ve seen are not made of flowers but other objects like vintage jewelry, buttons, silk roses and fabric flowers. What is it that you love? Can you make a bouquet out of it? Think unique and you’ll have a bouquet people will talk about long after your wedding.

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Mar 232013

Learn all you need to know about ordering your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery tips in this great wedding video blog with host Faith Gauthier of The Inspired Edge.

* From when to order your wedding invitations: Order them as soon as you have firmed up details. Once you’ve got your reception venue booked and confirmed 5 to 6 months before the wedding is best

*To how soon to send them out to guests: You must mail the invitations no later than 2 months to 6 weeks prior to the wedding to ensure receipt and amble time for rsvp.

And everything in between. Our info graphic will also help you figure out an average cost for your wedding stationery supplies.

Wedding Stationery Costs Infographic

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Jan 302013

Choosing an officiant for your wedding day will help set the stage for your event. With this in mind we have interviewed Las Vegas’ Reverend Phil Larimore of www.lvrev.com who was happy to share the fruits of his many years of experience in the form of tips and advice on how to find just the right clergy that will fit your unique tastes and personalities, helping to make your wedding day stress-free.

Rev Phil has performed thousands of weddings over the last 35 years throughout the nation. He has had the privilege of meeting many Important people during that time including actors, entertainers, sports figures, politicians, the famous, and infamous, but none as important as the brides and grooms for whom he officiates weddings.
He has also appeared on the NBC, ABC, Travel, TLC, Discovery, Bravo, Style, and WE television networks.

But the reason I chose to interview Reverend Phil, even more than his extensive experience in the wedding field, was first hand knowledge of how wonderful he is to work with. Having worked over a decade in the wedding photography business in the Las Vegas area, I had many opportunities to work alongside Rev Phil and was always impressed with the ceremonies that he performed. So much so that when Ken and I were married in September of 2008 there was only one Reverend that we would have perform our ceremony….Reverend Phil.

ken & faith gauthier wedding vows

From providing us with advice on writing our own vows, to allowing us to add a sword salute, Reverend Phil helped make our wedding day special and unique. So check out our video interview below for some great tips for your wedding.

ken & faith fencing salute up close

Interview with Las Vegas Reverend Phil Larimore

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Jan 262013

Veteran wedding photographer Faith Gauthier of The Inspired Edge shares not only her own knowledge and experience, but that of her friends and associates in the wedding industry. Her interviews with a wide range of wedding professionals are chock full of useful tips and advice to make your wedding the elegant, stress-free occasion you’ve always dreamed of.

From picking the perfect colors for your wedding day and what the hot color trends are to when you should send out your invitations. Be sure to sign up for our future updates to stay informed and gain insanely simple wedding inspirations.

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